Vastu for Builder Floors

The trend and need for buying Builder Floors are increasing day by day, all around the World, but we have seen lacs of Cases that someone has purchased a Builder Floor and After purchasing that, the downfall of that person has started, sometimes the person health got effected and other problems like the health of wife become bad, the health of the children in the house becomes bad, Child Concentration in studies has become zero, wastage of money, uncertain expenses, quarrels, depression, Autoimmune Diseases to someone in the family who is living in that Builder Floor.

It is very important to get your Builder Floor (House / Home) Checked for Vastu before Buying (If possible) or after purchasing, because builders also have some limitations while constructing the Building, and many times builders don’t care for Vastu.

There are so many Important Factors that are to be checked in the Builder Floor along with Energy Scanning (Earth Energy, Cosmic Energy, Parallel Vibrations, Geopathic Stress, EMR, etc). The Bedrooms, Toilets, Store, Puja Place, Balconies, House Number, Entrance Gate, Lift, Stairs, Kitchen, etc are also key factors that are to be checked and corrected with Vastu. The interior of the house is also a very important factor. It also has adverse effects. False Ceiling in the House, Placement, and Positioning of the Switch Boards, ACs, Windows, Doors, the Colours used in the House, etc are also important and have to be checked as per Vastu.

It is very important to get your Builder Floor Checked for Vastu. If you are also looking to get your Builder floor Checked for Vastu you can Contact Dr. Kunal Kaushik World’s No.1 Leading Scientific Vastu Consultant and Researcher for it.

Few points to be checked, while selecting a builder floor:

  1. Main Entry must be checked as per Vastu
  2. Staircase and Lift Must be as per Vastu Shastra
  3. The Main Door of the House.
  4. The Master Bedroom of the House
  5. Kids Room must be as per Vastu
  6. Study Room must be as per Vastu
  7. The position of the Kitchen and the Interior Placement must be as per Vastu rules.
  8. Pooja Room must be as per Vastu
  9. Toilets must be checked as per Vastu, Interior Placement in the Toilets.
  10. Balconies positioning.
  11. Position of Dining Table, All the Beds, Almirahs, Cupboards, Showpieces must be checked as per Vastu

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