Vastu for Irregular Construction

There are many times when the house that one lives in, is constructed irregularly with uneven sides or in any other irregular condition.

This needs rectification as soon as possible. This is because it is practically impossible to survive in such a house and it would have a lot of negative consequences if this type of house is bought.

However, Vastu has solutions for everything and this too has a lot of potentials to be treated. Yes, your irregular house can also be corrected by Dr. Kunal Kaushik.

Irregular construction has a lot of cons when it comes to Vastu. There are times when the owner themselves can feel the tension created by the irregularities of the house.

Therefore if the house needs changes then one should Be open to all changes.

These little things are steps that gradually add up in making or breaking the life of the owner.

There are things that one can change and that one should consider changing and one of them is Vastu principles. One should keep in mind that the majority of houses that are thriving happily are the ones constructed as per Vastu.

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