Video Vastu Courses

Due to excessive demand from our loyal students, we have started with our video Courses for learning Vastu and other sciences.

All are regular courses are now available in Video format so as to make it easier for the students or anybody who wants to learn Vastu. These Video Vastu Courses are not time-bound and the student can view the videos at his or her convenience. However, this does not that there is no support service for the video course students. Your mentors are always here to help you in each and every step.

Mode: Recorded Videos

Language: Hindi

Grades: Grades and Marks are based on your answers.

For Queries During the Course: You can Email, Whatsapp, or Call Dr. Kunal Kaushik for all your queries.

Course Completion: You will receive a Completion Certificate once you complete every Course from our Institute.


Basic Vastu is the First and foremost stepping stone in the Entire Vastu Shastra Course. The Basic Vastu course can be done by beginners or Students or Housewives who have some amount of free time in their hands and some basic level of intelligence.


This course is the Second stepping stone in the Student’s Journey in the course of Vastu Shastra. This Course is an even better eye opener for anybody interested in learning Vastu Shastra.



This Vastu Course is the third Stepping stone in the entire array of Vastu Courses that we offer in our institute. This Vastu course is extremely crucial for budding Vastu Consultants who are aspiring to become Successful Vastu Consultants.



The remedial Vastu course is the last and final level in the Vastu courses offered at our institute. This course is highly beneficial for those who want to learn about the Vastu of today’s age.