Vastu for Fame, Recognition, and Financial Strength

Fame, recognition, and good reputation are essential for success. By energizing the fire element of the south and south-east, the Agni zone of every room, positive results like happiness in the family, good health of the inmates, financial strength, and marital happiness can be ensured. One of the best and easiest methods to propitiate Agni is to use bright lights-spotlights, crystal chandeliers, candles, or the traditional wick lamps (Diyas) in the south-east corner with light or burning flame pointing towards the roof. Lights in white, yellow, or red signify energy.

The color red is particularly effective in activating the recognition and fame sector. Every object with red as its dominant color can be displayed in the south. These include soft furnishings, such objects as upholstery, lampshades, drapes, bedspreads, rugs, and carpets.

You can also use objects of the fire element to energize the south (fame) sector of your home. You can light red candles or hang a painting with red as the dominant color. Keep all your electronic and electrical gadgets in the south-east comers of your home.

North-east is the most auspicious direction in the house as it combines the virtues of both the auspicious directions-north and east. According to Vastu, an extended north-east is most auspicious and provides abundant wealth and prosperity.

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