Vastu for Childbirth

The presence of children fills a house with love, laughter, and fulfillment. They bring sunshine into a house and make it a home. In case you are desirous of starting a family and are facing any problems, it would be worthwhile to have a close look at your surroundings.

Vastu is immensely connected to the aspect of building up a family. The shape/size/direction of the bedroom can be a reason hampering the process of family planning.

Important Vastu Tips for Childbirth:

  • A North-West bedroom is an ideal direction for a bedroom for couples desirous of starting a family.
  • The placement of mirrors in the bedroom should be such that they do not reflect the bed.
  • Use colors such as lilac, peach, mint, or white to brighten up your bedroom.
  • Keep fresh flowers in the room. You can also keep fruits, especially pomegranates, which is a symbol of fertility.
  • The attached toilet door must be kept shut and the toilet seat covers down.

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