Vastu for Family Peace, Success, and Happiness

Maintaining family peace and harmony is the responsibility of all family members. Good behavior of family members is one important aspect of family happiness. Conflicts, disputes, aggressive behavior of certain members of the family, ill-health, diseases, financial insecurity, and lack of harmony are some of the important issues affecting domestic happiness. This needs analyzing certain sectors in the house for Vastu defects.

  • It is found that day-to-day conflicts between family members can be traced to the south-west sector, Check if there is a water source (boring or well) in the south-west of the house and, if so, close it by filling it up with cement or earth.
  • If you find that the south-west of the house is cut off, this could also be the reason for the hostility amongst the family members.
  • Care should be taken to see that there is no door in south of south-west or west of south-west. A door here can lead to family disturbances.
  • Check the center of your house. A wall, pillar, pits, etc. in the brahmasthan are inauspicious. Keep this area neat and tidy and hang a bronze bell or a metal chime here.
  • In case you feel insecure or suffer from acute depression and inferiority complex, check the south and south-west of your house. Have plenty of light in this area.

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