Vastu Maps / Planning

The maps of the premise should be made as per Vastu principles because of the fact that Vastu shastra is the only way to bring about prosperity and wealth amongst the inmates of the house. There are a large number of reasons why Vastu should be used for proper premise planning in the premise. one of the most important reasons is that when the placement and positioning of the rooms in the premise is as per Vastu, it automatically aligns the other factors in line with the owner and together they contribute towards the making of such a premise which ensures the everlasting growth and perpetual prosperity of the owner. it is crucial to get the premise planning dione as per Vastu. the architectural drawing should be as per Vastu principles and the placement and positioning of all the articles in the interior of the premise should also be as per Vastu.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu expert across the globe who offers excellent Vastu solutions during the map planning stage as well as beyond.

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