Vastu for Career

A career is the most important deal in life these days. People are working day and night to reach heights and earn name and fame, but many of them just fail. Vastu plays an important role in setting up correct career goals for you and helps you reach them. There are guidelines to be followed to achieve career goals.

For Professionals

  • The professionals like writers or researchers should be seated along the back of the wall.
  • The workplace should not be adjacent to the bedroom.
  • A sharp-edged table should not be placed in such rooms.
  • One should have the seat away from the main door in the meeting room.
  • High-back chairs should be used.
  • The back should not face the entrance.
  • The beam exposed to the ceiling should not be parallel to the chair.
  • The desk should be rectangular or square and circular shapes should be avoided.
  • Wooden decks are best and glass desks can be placed in the West direction.
  • The crystal should be kept on the table to allow monetary benefits.
  • The seating should be north-facing.

For Students

  • The study table should be square or rectangle and circular or irregular shapes should be avoided.
  • The table should face east or north for better concentration.
  • There should be a distance between the wall and the study table.
  • A bookshelf should be placed in East, North East or North directions as these directions are best to stack books.
  • The table should be kept clean and too many books on the table should be avoided.
  • The windows should be in North or East directions.
  • A lamp should be placed in the southeast corner.
  • Light or subtle colors should be used in the room to enhance concentration.

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